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Book your next event at the Sioux City Convention Center! Our team of dedicated event planners will help create a successful stress-free event that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today!

Sioux City Convention Center
801 4th Street | Sioux City, Iowa 51101

Phone: 712-279-4800

Fax: 712-279-4900

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Mileage From Other Major Cities​​​
  • Kansas City to Sioux City—279 miles or 4 hours

  • Minneapolis to Sioux City—280 miles or 4 hours

  • Des Moines to Sioux City—198 miles or 3 hours

  • Omaha to Sioux City—100 miles or 1.5 hours

  • Ames to Sioux City—176 miles or 3 hours

  • Lincoln to Sioux City—150 miles or 2.5 hours

  • Sioux Falls to Sioux City—86 miles or 1.25 hours


A variety of free and paid parking spots are located near the Sioux City Convention Center.

Truck Access


2 Main Loading Areas:

  • 18' H x 24' W Drive-in Door

  • Main Door 4th Street Entrance


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